As a business you have all types of calls. ABS Communications, Inc. can handle it all. We service inbound calls, outbound calls and overflow calls. Do you have a radio promotion for your products and services? We’ll take calls from your radio spots. We cover hotline calls and complaint calls. Our Communications Specialists are well trained in all areas. Contact ABS Communications, Inc. today!


Hotline calls

Types-of-calls-Hotline-CallsHotline calls are urgent calls from customers of all types. It is important that these calls are answered in a timely manner. You can depend on ABS Communications, Inc. We carefully monitor and answer each call. We provide relief for call centers by answering their overflow calls. We’ll handle hotline calls dealing with complaints. We’ll answer your phones and get you the information you need to respond. We monitor and answer hotline calls for businesses, city and state government organizations.


  1. Monitoring of hotline calls
  2. Can serve as your call center
  3. Relief for your current call center
  4. Take and deliver urgent messages
  5. Take calls and direct to personnel to handle quickly
  6. Answer hotline calls after hours
  7. Experienced Communications Specialists
  8. Service for all types of businesses

Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls

Keep balance in your business with your inbound calls and outbound calls. ABS Communications, Inc. will handle your inbound calls and outbound calls. Our Communications Specialists will take and perform calls as if they work for your company. We handle all types of inbound calls and outbound calls in addition to your emergency response. These include customer service, business inquiries,  sales, appontment setting and overflow calls. Your inbound calls and outbound calls are handled professionally. Your customers will know you’re providing fast and helpful customer service.


  1. Outsourcing
  2. Customer service
  3. Business inquiries
  4. Radio ad response
  5. Order entry
  6. Anniversary calls
  7. Welcome calls
  8. Telephone tree



  1. Order confirmation and verification
  2. Overflow calls
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys
  4. Hotline responses
  5. Meeting reminders
  6. Seminar registration
  7. Maintenance response- Emergency or non-emergency
  8. Employee monitoring for check in or check out on job site

Overflow Calls

Types-of-calls-Overflow-CallsIf you don’t need 24 hour answering services try our overflow calls service. You can transfer overflow calls to us at specific times during the day or night. ABS Communications, Inc. will handle your overflow calls. Overflow calls are calls you get while you and your staff are unavailable. You can transfer any overflow calls during meetings, trainings or company events. Our overflow call service insures your calls get answered even if you’re short-staffed.


  1. For short-staffed businesses
  2. Handle calls when you’re unavailable
  3. Allows you to serve customers when you’re unavailable
  4. Custom overflow call service
  5. Database applications to serve specialized clients
  6. Provide answers to customer questions


ABS Communications, Inc. offers a comprehensive system for your voicemails. We’ll handle your business or personal voicemails. Our voicemail system offers world wide access. You’ll have 24 hour access to your voicemails, 7 days a week. Our voicemail system allows you to store up to 30 voicemail messages. You can record voicemail messages for up to two minutes. Our voicemail system includes programmable page notification. Ask about our small set up fee for your voicemail boxes.


  1. Stand alone voicemails
  2. Operator on-demand voicemails
  3. Customized voicemails
  4. 24 hour voicemail access
  5. Programmable page notification
  6. Private numbers for personal and business use
  1. World wide access to your voicemails
  2. Security code check-in
  3. 2-minute greeting in your own voice
  4. 2-minute messages from callers
  5. 30-message capacity
  6. 10 day storage and 14 day saving capability

Appointment Reminders


  1. Business appointment reminders
  2. Medical appointment reminders
  3. Meeting reminders
  4. Saves you time and energy
  5. Frees up your staff for other tasks

Get affordable and reliable answering services from ABS Communications, Inc. today!