Answering Service Products For Businesses Of Any Size

ABS Communications, Inc. provides services other than answering service for small to large businesses. We serve a variety of industries and businesses. Other services include call center relief, lead generation and order entry. With other services we can handle calls for your lead generation efforts, orders and sales of products. Using our other services increases productivity for your business.

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  • Seminar Registration Virtual-Office-Tacoma-WA
  • Order Entry
  • Outbound Calling
  • Outbound Calling Projects
  • Radio Ad Response
  • Orders and Sales
  • Anniversary Calls
  • Welcome Calls
  • Telephone Tree
  • Order Confirmation/Verification
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Overflow Call Handling When Your Office Lines are Busy
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • Translation Services for non English Speaking Customers - additional fees may apply
  • Hotline Response

Overflow Calls


Overflow calls are calls you get while you and your staff are unavailable. Leaving even a single call unanswered could earn a bad name for your business. Our overflow call service insures live response to all your calls. Just a quick phone call to your telecom provider may be all that is necessary to program any unanswered call to roll to our staff. With our live answering service, the message is taken and immediately delivered to your staff for a quick response.


  • Allows you to never miss a call
  • Provides opportunity for quick response to all callers
  • Custom overflow call service
  • Provide answers to customer questions

Hotline calls


Hotline calls are urgent calls from customers of all types with a primary focus on public works projects by the city, county and/or state government. They require 24 hour monitoring, for noise, dust, etc.  

All hotline complaints must be answered in a timely manner, immediately given out to appropriate party with required documentation.  You can depend on ABS Communications, Inc. to efficiently handle these calls.

Choose ABS Communications, Inc. to handle your hotline calls.


  • Monitoring of hotline calls
  • Take and deliver urgent messages
  • Take calls and direct to personnel to handle quickly
  • Answer hotline calls 24/7
  • Hotline call service for all types of businesses

Other Services for Property Management Companies


Managing properties requires you to be organized. ABS Communications, Inc. will help you stay in touch with vital contacts. These include tenants, landlords, property owners and contractors.

You need proper communication so things get done. ABS Communications, Inc. provides other services for property management companies. Property management companies depend on us for courteous and fast service.

We’ll set up an emergency protocol for your property management company. We’ll keep you in contact with your staff, tenants and property owners during emergency and routine situations.

We will take calls for property management companies including maintenance, security issues and any other call that you designate as pertinent to your company.


  1. Emergency dispatch and protocols
  2. Fire, floods and elevator entrapment
  3. Keeps you connected to your customers
  4. Contact security for crimes and trespassing
  5. Maintenance requests

Other Services for Security Firms


Security firms protect many sites for commercial clients. Calls can come in at any time. ABS Communications, Inc. is your lifeline to fast and responsive call-taking. We’ll answer and take messages for all types of calls. For example, use ABS to monitor check in and check out times for your security. For after hours calls we work with your on-call security contact or supervisor.

We’ll do emergency dispatch in case of break-ins, trespassing and other crimes. We’ll pass on important messages for your security firms. We will alert security officers to suspicious activities and crimes. Choose ABS Communications, Inc. for your security firm.


  1. Emergency dispatch
  2. After hours calling and messaging
  3. Pass on messages to housing associations
  4. Alert security staff and police of break-ins
  5. Apartment complexes, office buildings and other locations

Other Services for Funeral Homes


Do you own a funeral home? Families needing funeral arrangements will call during peak times and after hours. They need someone who can speak with them right away. ABS Communications, Inc. offers compassionate and patient answering services. We will immediately put the caller in touch with your staff to assist during this difficult time.


  1. Courteous and compassionate
  2. Help make arrangements to pick up loved ones
  3. Message taking and delivery
  4. Handles after hours calls


Other Services for Churches

Pastors, priests and deacons get called out for emergency situations. In times like these it’s wise to have an answering service you can count on. We provide comprehensive answering services for churches. In emergencies we’ll contact priests or pastors to be dispatched in the event of life threatening need. We make sure messages get to pastors and priests for weddings, funerals and other events.


  1. Dispatch pastors and priests to hospitals
  2. Message taking and delivery

These are just some of the many businesses and industries we serve. From one person operations to Fortune 500 companies, ABS Communications, Inc. can handle your business answering service needs.

Get affordable and reliable answering services from ABS Communications, Inc. today!