Order Entry Services

Order Entry Services

Order entry means that our trained customer service representatives will take and document the right order information from your customer. This includes product information, order processing and up-selling if appropriate.

Choose ABS Communications, Inc. for your order entry needs. We provide accurate order handling for all your orders.

We carefully walk your customers through your ordering process. We train our staff how to handle your order entry procedures.

Provide us with the following information in order for us to get your order processing protocol set up:

  • Shipping and handling times
  • Shipping methods and costs
  • Forms of payment and credit cards accepted
  • Your website address to familiarize our operators and your customers with your products
  • Any pamphlets or brochures you have available
  • List of information we need to get on every incoming order
  • Up-selling information if appropriate

When it comes to receiving orders, ABS Communications, Inc. provides experienced help. We’ll educate customers when they call in to get information on orders. Do you have nationwide customers? We have toll-free numbers for your convenience.

  • Daily, weekly or as they come in
  • By e-mail
  • By fax
  • Or you may call in to get the information on each order
  • Toll-free numbers

Order Training

You can have full confidence in our Customer Service Representatives. They receive extensive order training.

Our order training program teaches them how to get the right information every time.

A customized message screen is set up for your company to ensure no vital information is missed.

Order training includes getting the right names, phone numbers, order information and credit card numbers.

Each Communications Specialists is screened for security clearance during our hiring process. Your company and customer order information is secure at all times. Your company information is confidential and never shared with a third party.

Get affordable and reliable answering services from ABS Communications, Inc. today!