Virtual Office Services

Virtual Office Services

Are you a small business owner who can’t afford a full-time receptionist? ABS Communications, Inc. will be your virtual office. We provide affordable virtual office services. We can receive calls on your behalf from anywhere.

As your virtual office, a Communications Specialist will answer your phone calls. They will speak clearly, in the first person, and they will take any message, send it to you for an immediate response or patch the call through to you.

You can forward lines at no additional charge. We only bill for talking to your clients, vendors and customers. ABS Communications, Inc. can switch from an office receptionist to emergency dispatch if necessary. You only pay for answering services you use. Start saving time and money with your virtual office.

  • Affordable answering services
  • Fast and convenient
  • Versatile day and night call handling
  • No need for a full-time receptionist
  • Take all calls and deliver messages
  • Translation services available upon request for a nominal fee

The National hourly rate for a full-time receptionist is $8.21-$15.25 an hour. These figures don’t include health insurance and other benefits. Lower your overhead costs with a virtual office receptionist. ABS Communications, Inc. trains Communications Specialists to handle your messages, inbound and outbound calls. Do you serve bilingual clients? You can have a virtual office receptionist who is bilingual. With a virtual office receptionist you can take calls and messages anywhere.

  • Lowers employee overhead
  • Saves you time and money
  • No missed calls or messages
  • Stay in contact with customers and vendors
  • Increases business productivity
  • Communications Specialists who understand your business

Get affordable and reliable answering services from ABS Communications, Inc. today!